Unlock Success with Advisory Boards: Navigating Growth in the Start-up and Scale-up World

Unlock Success with Advisory Boards: Navigating Growth in the Start-up and Scale-up World

In the fast-paced realm of start-ups and scale-ups, every decision is a turning point. How do you ensure your business stays on the right path amidst rapid growth and evolving challenges? That’s where advisory boards come in – acting as your compass in the entrepreneurial ocean.

From 10 Minds to Strategic Unity

Remember those early days when meetings involved a room full of 10 enthusiastic minds? Advisors, founders, investors, and board members all brainstorming the best way forward. It was exciting, but as your company expands, so do the complexities. Who’s in control? Where do responsibilities lie? It’s easy for lines to blur.

Bringing Clarity through Education

Recognizing the need for clarity, I embarked on a journey of knowledge. I enrolled in a comprehensive educational program to truly understand the intricacies of advisory boards. As the founder of a SaaS start-up, I knew that comprehending the forces at play was crucial for sustainable growth.


Advisory Boards: Your Guiding Light

Think of advisory boards as your guiding light – leading you through uncharted waters with wisdom and strategic insight. For start-ups and scale-ups, their importance cannot be overstated. They provide expertise to navigate complex decisions, perspective to overcome hurdles, and a network to open doors.

Scaling with Strategic Vision

As your SaaS venture flourishes, every move counts. This is where education from the educational program comes into play. Armed with a deep understanding of governance, responsibilities, and strategic decision-making, you’re empowered to make informed choices that fuel growth.

Harmonizing Experience and Freshness

One key lesson I’ve gained from both lively brainstorming sessions in the past and the insights of my education is that blending experience with fresh perspectives is a winning formula. By fusing the wisdom of seasoned advisors with the innovation of the next generation, your advisory board becomes a dynamic force that propels your business ahead.

Plotting a Path to Prosperity

Advisory boards aren’t just important for start-ups and scale-ups – they’re your hidden advantage. With a strong grasp of governance and strategy, you’re prepared to tackle challenges and seize every opportunity. As your SaaS venture evolves, you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape, knowing you have a team of seasoned navigators by your side.

Cheers to Advisory Boards, Growth, and Embracing the Journey

Let’s raise a toast to advisory boards, to growth, and to embracing the journey. With the right guidance, your start-up or scale-up journey can be a story of achievement, innovation, and remarkable success.

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The first girl in the boardroom

My message? Working with people who are different from you is very beneficial but also comes with challenges.

Diversity in itself is not just a thing; it’s a means to have various perspectives, leading to different discussions, insights, and solutions, ultimately resulting in inspiration and innovation.

Especially when it comes to women in technology and ICT, I’m happy to contribute. I was the first girl in the boardroom, chosen because I was the most qualified, and it turned out that I happened to be a woman.

In the advisory board, I share what changed for me and my male colleagues. I was different, brought new ideas, and changed the rules of the game, daring to be a #gamechanger.

Was it always easy? Definitely not.

In my unique way, I inspire both men and women by providing meaningful information. I share insights and provide tools so that you can gain practical insights and tips and take action.

Because diversity undeniably has a significant positive impact on team results, organizations, and the challenges of tomorrow.

Let yourself be inspired and take the step towards tomorrow today.

My topics

  • Diversity  and innovation in ICT en TECH companies
  • Authentic leadership
  • Scaling Up 
  • Saas

My background

I’m Miranda Nouwen and I have years of experience with fast-growing companies in the TECH, engineering, and ICT sectors. With success. Time and again, as the first woman in the boardroom, I discovered the unintended effect of my presence. Back in 2000, diversity wasn’t a topic of discussion.

As a board member, I share how to navigate the current situation as a ‘newcomer with a different perspective’, bringing innovation and changing the rules of the game.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. I also faced crises, had to lead challenging reorganizations, make tough choices, and had to make sacrifices when I got divorced with a baby and a newly started company.

The transition to agile working also brought about considerable stress, as I questioned why one team excelled while the other struggled. Thankfully, I now have much more knowledge on this subject – how to build successful and impactful teams and organizations. Why, as a woman in technology, you don’t have to be ‘perfect’.

A board member full of inspiration, with insights into rapidly growing companies and transformed teams and organizations. I discuss authentic leadership, diversity and innovation, and making different choices.

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